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Torn Ear Lobe Repair

By -Dr. Steven Shoen April 13, 2014, 5:20 pm

Repair of a torn or cleft earlobe can be performed easily in our office procedure room.  Typically the tear arises gradually from the weight of heavy earrings.  Some patients develop an enlarged piercing site limiting their ability to wear small earrings.  Repair of these enlarged piercing sites is similar to repair of a complete earlobe cleft.


To achieve the nicest result the repair should be performed with a “step” in the closure.  With this technique notching at the repair site is less likely.  


Postoperative care is minimal.  Patients are instructed to clean the stitches three times a day with hydrogen peroxide and apply bacitracin ointment.  Stitches are removed over the first ten days. I have patients return to the office three months after repair for ear piercing.  The new piercing site should not be located at the site of repair which would increase the risk of recurrence.

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