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Filler Injections

Dr. Steven Shoen utilizes a variety of filler agents to provide a more youthful appearance to a patient's face.  Some fillers are injected into facial creases to reduce their depth.  Others are injected along the surface of the cheek bones to lessen cheek hollowing, a typical age related facial change. Fillers can also be injected into the back of the hands to help hide age related changes.


How do filler agents work?

Each of the filler agents used is a biodegradable material produced in  a laboratory. The filler is injected at creases or area of hollowing where it provides needed soft tissue bulk.   After many months the filler agents are eventually degraded and may then be re-injected if desired.


What are the risks and side effects of filler agent injection?

Filler agents tend to be quite safe.  There are rare reports of allergic reaction.   Following treatment the patient may note small bumps which ordinarily soften over the first one to two weeks.  Temporary black and blue discoloration is sometimes noted at an injection site, particularly in patients who are medicated with blood thinners.   Complications such as infection occur rarely.


Can Filler agents be combined with Paralytic Agents?

Filler injections may be given together with injections of Paralytic Agents. The two agents are compatible.


Are filler injection procedures painful?

Some of the filler agents are mixed with lidocaine to numb the injection sites.

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