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Scar Revision

Which scars benefit from revision?


Scars may be noticeable for a variety of reasons, and benefit from revision.  Thick or prominent scars are often readily visible.  Scars that indent tend to be noticeable when light striking the scar area highlights or shades regions within and around the scar.  Scars are often more visible when they cross resting skin creases.  Redness of a scar will often fade over time, and is therefore not a clear indiction for revision.


What techniques are used to revise a scar?


Dr. Steven Shoen utilizes a variety of techniques to render scars less visible.  Often, simple removal of the scar followed by meticulous closure yields a nice result.  Where possible, scars are advanced and hidden at neighboring creases.  Rearrangement of the skin around a scar is sometimes employed to relax tightness and to reorient a scar in a more favorable direction. Before and After Pictures of Scar Revision cases are available in our photgallery.


How soon after an injury can a scar be revised?


If it is unclear if a scar will benefit from revision continued observation for several months is best to allow the scar to mature.  If ,however, it is clear shortly after an injury that a scar revision would be beneficial then prompt revisionary surgery can be planned.


What type of anesthesia is required for scar revision?


Most scar revisions can be performed in our office procedure room under local anesthesia.  If the patient desires sedation, or the revisionary procedure is significant, surgery can be performed at one of the local surgery centers.


Will Health Insurance cover scar revision surgery?


Often health insurance will cover revision of scars secondary to prior surgery or trauma, if the scars cause marked deformity.  Dr. Shoen's staff will contact your insurance company to determine if scar revision will be covered. Scar revisions which are not funded by insurance are often carried out in the office procedure room, sparing a patient operating room and anesthesia costs.


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