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Torn Earlobe Repair

What causes earrings to rip through an earlobe?


Heavy earrings tend to enlarge an earlobe piercing site over time.  Ultimately a heavy earring may pull all the way through the bottom of an earlobe.  Direct trauma to an earlobe, such as when an earring is pulled upon by a young child, can result in a complete earlobe tear.



How soon after a complete tear can an earlobe be repaired?


It is best to wait about three weeks after sudden earlobe trauma before effecting repair.  This time allows swelling and inflammation to subside.



What is the technique for earlobe repair?


While there are several techniques used to effect earlobe repair, Dr. Steven Shoen utilizes a Step-plasty Technique.  Through this technique the earlobe contour and shape are reestablished.  The Step-plasty Techniques is designed to prevent n0tching at the repair site, an occasional problem when other techniques are used.  Dr. Shoen performs the procedure in his office procedure room under local anesthesia.



What is the recovery period like?


Pain is minimal.  Dr. Shoen does not apply a dressing, and asks patients to keep the operative site dry for two days.  During that time the stitches are to be cleaned three times a day with hydrogen peroxide and lightly covered with bacitracin ointment.



Can the ear be pierced again after repair?


The ear can be repierced after three months.  Dr. Shoen prefers to pierce the ear himself at that time.



Can Dr. Shoen close my piercing site if the hole has enlarged?


Yes, Dr. Shoen can close your enlarged piercing site and, if you desire, repierce the ear three months later.



How do I set up a consultation with Dr. Shoen to evaluate my torn earlobe?


To view before and after pictures of torn earlobe repair refer to our Photo Gallery.  Call our office at 732-632-6090 to arrange for an appointment at one of our two office locations (Edison area and Monroe Township).  If you live a distance from our office we will be happy to arrange a telemedicine meeting for you.  Discover how simple, and painless earlobe repair is.