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Abdominal and Chest Reconstruction

Dr. Shoen employs a multitude of techniques to reconstruct the chest and abdomen following trauma or after tumor removal.  Simple techniques such as soft tissue rearrangement or skin grafting are typically used.  If needed flap transfer of tissue is employed, sometimes requiring microsurgical technology.


Dr. Shoen has a vast experience performing Breast Reconstruction following mastectomy.  To learn more about Breast Reconstruction select the  "Breast Reconstruction Using Abdominal Tissue" option, the "Breast Reconstruction Using the Latissimus dorsi Muscle" option, or the "Breast Reconstruction Using Tissue Expansion" option under the "Reconstructive Surgery" tab on the tool bar above.  Our office has also cared for a number of patients with Poland's Syndrome and other birth defects which result in poor breast and chest wall development.

 Visit our office to learn more about your reconstructive options. Call 732-632-6090 to schedule an appointment at one of our two office locations.