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Breast Reconstruction Using Abdominal Tissue

Which techniques are typically employed to reconstruct the breast?


Dr Steven Shoen works closely with the Breast Center at Saint Peters University Hospital as well with the Breast Center at The Cancer Institute of New Jersey performing a variety of techniques designed to reconstruct the breast.   Three procedures, Tissue Expansion, Back Flap Reconstruction, and use of Lower Abdominal Tissue are employed depending on a variety of reconstructive needs as well as a patient's overall medical condition.  Skin sparing as well as nipple sparing techniques are sometimes employed to yield the most natural results possible.


How is Abdominal Tissue used to reconstruct the breast?


The procedure involves the transfer of skin and fat from the lower abdomen to the chest to form the breast.  Abdominal tissue can be carried to the chest using one of the abdominal Rectus Muscles or microsurgically transplanted from the abdomen.  The latter method results in decreased risk for abdominal complications, but requires a longer operative procedure and hospital stay.  


What are the advantages of using abdominal tissue?


The main advantage of this technique is that the breast can be formed without using a breast implant.  The reconstructed breast in most instances has a natural shape and texture.


What are the disadvantages of using abdominal tissue?


Use of abdominal tissue can result in laxity and roundness of the abdominal wall.  There is a small risk that an abdominal hernia can develop.  Abdominal wall discomfort can be significant for the first one to two weeks.  With microsurgical transfer clot formation can cause loss of tissue.


To learn more about this form of breast reconstruction view examples in our photo gallery under the tab,"Abdominal Flap Reconstruction".  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven Shoen at one of our two office sites call 732-632-6090.