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Facial Reconstruction


With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Shoen has acquired expertise in the management of all types of facial tumors, including both tumor removal and subsequent reconstruction.   Removal of Basal Cell Carcinomas, Squamous Cell Carcinomas, and Melanoma are carried out, sometimes employing the technology of Frozen Section Guidance to achieve tumor control while sparing normal tissue.  Many of the MOHs Dermatologists refer their patients to Dr. Shoen for reconstruction following tumor removal.  


Dr. Shoen has a vast experience performing all types of facial reconstruction including reconstruction of the nose, ear , forehead and cheek.  Staged procedures employing the rotation of skin from neighboring sites are often used.  Grafts of skin and cartilage are sometimes needed. Dr. Shoen is often called upon by the Cancer Institute of New Jersey to perform reconstructive facial surgery in cases in which large melanomas are removed.  To view some examples of facial reconstruction click the "Nasal Reconstruction" or               "Ear Reconstruction" tabs in the photo gallery.


Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shoen to learn the details of your reconstructive needs. Call 732-632-6090 to be seen at one of our two office locations.   We can arrange for you to view before and after pictures, or speak with other patients who have had similar tumors.