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Reconstruction of the Nose

What techniques are used to reconstruct the nose after tumor removal or trauma?


There are several procedures used to restore normal appearance to the nose after tumor removal or traumatic injury.  When possible local flaps from the surface of the nose are turned into the area of deficit.  Skin tone match is preserved and scars typically heal nicely.  If the defect to be reconstructed is very large reconstruction may require the use of distant tissue such as skin from one of the cheeks, or even skin from the forehead.  Sometimes these more involved procedures are performed in several stages.  At times cartilage harvested from one of the ears, the nasal septum, or even a rib may be required to reconstruct deep or full thickness defects.


Does nasal reconstruction require an inpatient stay?


In most instances reconstruction of the nose is accomplished on an out patient basis.  Minor stages of reconstruction can even be performed in the office under local anesthesia.


What type of physician is most qualified to perform nasal reconstruction?


Plastic Surgeons receive extensive training in nasal reconstruction as well as reconstruction of other parts of the face.  Dr. Steven Shoen is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has over 20 years of experience performing this type of reconstructive work.  He works closely with The Cancer Institue of New Jersey in New Brunswick, performing reconstruction on cancer patients who have undergone tumor removal at the nose.  Many dermatologists and Mohs Surgeons refer their cancer patients to Dr. Shoen for reconstruction.  To view examples of nasal reconstruction click the "Nasal Reconstruction" tab in the photo gallery.  To arrange for a consultation with Dr. Shoen at one his two office locations (Edison area and Monroe Township) call  732-632-6090.