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Nasal surgery

Cosmetic nasal surgery, known as Rhinoplasty, involves a variety of techniques to improve nasal appearance.  Cartilage shaping and nasal bone remodeling may be employed to alter nasal shape.  At times small amounts of cartilage are moved from the nasal septum,or from an ear, to the nasal tip to augment definition of nasal form.  The procedure is often carried out via a small incision made at the nasal base which typically heals with an imperceptible scar.  Septal surgery to improve nasal air flow may be performed at the same operative sitting.


Following surgery discomfort is moderate and readily controlled with oral pain medicine.  A large amount of swelling resolves after three weeks, however, some swelling persists for a few months.


Nasal deformity following trauma is often covered by one's health insurance.  Schedule an appointment to learn Dr. Shoen's recommendations to improve your nasal appearance.  To schedule an appointment call 732-632-6090.