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Breast enlargement

What does a Breast Enlargement Procedure entail?


Breast Enlargement involves the augmentation of the breast through the use of a breast implant.  An implant filled with silicone gel or saline is positioned under breast tissue, muscle or both.  At times a Breast Enlargement is performed together with a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) of the nipple/areolar complex.  The surgical procedure must be planned carefully to address a patient's specific needs in order to achieve the best looking results.


What is the appearance of scars following a Breast Enlargement?


Breast implants may be positioned through a variety of approaches yielding different scar positions.  A short scar at the fold under the breast is the most common, and the approach favored by Dr. Shoen.  The fold approach allows for the most accurate positioning of the implant.  Accessing the breast at the lower areolar border is another option.  While the scar is well camouflaged at that site accurate implant positioning is slightly more difficult, and large implants are not easily passed through the narrow opening.  Placement through the armpit is yet another option, but provides the poorest ability to accurately seat the implant.  If a Breast Lift is performed together with a Breast Enlargement implant access is attained through the lift operative site.


Is there any danger using Silicone gel Implants?


Silicone Gel filled implants were studied by our government's Food and Drug Administration for more than a decade.  The devices were found to be safe, and are now the predominant form of breast implant used around the world.  The gel feel provides a breast like texture, and the high viscosity of the fill material causes the implant to "move" like breast tissue during exercise or other strenuous activities.  The implant walls are very strong allowing patients the freedom to engage in all forms of activities following surgery.


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