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Inverted Nipple Correction

What causes nipple inversion?

Nipple inversion can be congenital (patient is born with the condition) or acquired.  Acquired forms may be due to either benign or malignant causes.  New nipple inversion should be investigated to determine its cause. Congenital nipple inversion is due to shortened ducts and other nipple structures.   Congenital bilateral or unilateral nipple  inversion may  be corrected with a minor surgical procedure.

What does Nipple Inversion Correction entail?

The procedure to correct nipple inversion is typically performed in our office procedure room under local anesthesia.  The operative time is usually 20-30 minutes per side.  There is mild postoperative discomfort, and the scar from the procedure is usually well hidden at the border of the nipple.

Does the surgical procedure affect a patient's ability to breast feed?

Correction of Nipple Inversion requires the division of ducts or tubes which deliver milk to the surface of the nipple.  Once the procedure is performed a patient can no longer breast feed from the involved side.

Does the procedure affect nipple sensation?

Often there is numbness at the nipple following the procedure.  However, this typically resolves after several months.

How do I schedule an appointment with Dr. Shoen?

To view before and after pictures of Nipple Inversion Correction please refer to our Photo Gallery.  To schedule an appointment with Dr Shoen please call us at 732-632-6090.  You can be seen at either of our two office locations.