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Breast reduction

What does a Breast Reduction Procedure entail?


Breast Reduction Surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to reduce breast size as well as to provide a lift to each nipple/areolar complex.  Through this procedure the breast is rendered more upright and firm.  Dr. Steven Shoen has performed a vast number of Breast Reduction cases over his 21 years in practice.  Different reduction techniques are employed depending on a patient's needs.   Scars are hidden at natural borders and creases.  The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, usually on an ambulatory basis.


Does health insurance cover Breast Reduction Surgery?


At times large breast size causes back or neck discomfort, skin rashes or other symptoms.  In these cases a patient's health insurance company may agree to fund Breast reduction Surgery.  Dr. Shoen will typically send the insurance company a letter of predetermination accompanied by photographs to determine if the insurance plan will cover the procedure.


What is the post-operative course like?


Following Breast Reduction Surgery Dr. Shoen asks patients to refrain from strenuous activities for three weeks.  Patients are able to return to light activities such as office work after only a few days.  Pain is mild, and easily controlled with oral medication.  


If I am considering a reduction in breast size how should I proceed?


Call our office at 732-632-6090 to schedule an appointment at one of our two office locations (Edison area and Monroe Township).  Dr Shoen will examine you and determine your eligibility for surgery.  You may review photographs of prior patients by referring to our Photo Gallery.