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Male breast reduction

What causes enlargement of male breasts?


Enlargement of the male breast , a condition known as Gynecomastia may effect males of any age, but occurs most commonly in adolescents and older adults.  In most instances the condition has no clear cause.  However certain medicines, alcohol, or recreational drugs may stimulate male breast growth. On rare occasions certain diseases and disorders may give rise to Gynecomastia. The condition may occur at one or both sides of the chest.


What does Male Breast Reduction Surgery(Gynecomastia Surgery) entail?


In a majority of cases Dr. Steven Shoen performs Gynecomastia Surgery through a small opening made at the lower border of the areola.  The ultimate scar is therefore well hidden at the areolar margin.  All attempts are made to hide scars even if excess skin must be removed.  At times skin is removed at a secondary procedure if redraping did not affectively treat skin laxity.  Dr. Shoen often employs liposuction to taper the borders of the chest and provide a more natural result.  View before and after picturess of Gynecomastia cases in our  Photo Gallery.


What is the post-operative course like?


Pain following surgery is minimal.  Patients are asked to wear a compressive garment for four weeks to assist skin with redraping.  Patients are also asked to refrain from strenuous activities or sports for three weeks.


How does one schedule an appointment to learnt more about Gynecomastia?


Call 732-632-6090 to arrange for a  consultation with Dr. Shoen at one of our two office locations.   At times Gynecomastia Surgery is covered by insurance.